About Us

Our dream is a continuing education opportunity that brings real life information we can use NOW.

The POWER is in creating the atmosphere to learn. An interactive, small group with the agenda that leads continuously through the spectrum of comprehensive dentistry: complex perio-restorative, orthodontic, implant, occlusal cases, etc. The opportunity to jointly example, diagnose, treatment plan and complete the treatment on our own cases; step by step, with recognized experts and supportive colleagues working side by side. Together we will review our progress and support our treatments throughout the year.

Then we’ll jointly re-evaluate the results. That means systemically documenting the treatment with the aid of a hands-on workbook and study club member support.

The GENIUS is in the organization. The New York Dental Forum is an organization formed by the combination of two well-known dental education groups: the Queens Dental Forum, and the Manhattan Dental Forum. We have united to give you the very best that dental education has to offer. The study club concept revolves around comprehensive treatment planning with continuity of the real life educational experience. This group sets a goal and jointly works to bring everyone to a new level of expertise, painlessly and in a non-threatening environment.

The MAGIC is in the blend of genuinely open-minded, eager to learn members – You and . . . !
We’ve asked individuals in the community to join in this venture. They are people you know and respect. They will serve as surgical, restorative, orthodontic and endodontic advisors to help you in your day-to-day dental needs.

So there you have it- the POWER, GENIUS and MAGIC that makes up a DREAM of richly rewarding hands on dental experience in a congenial atmosphere. Please read the accompanying material. We look forward to welcoming you to a unique educational experience as a member of the New York Dental Forum.